Where is the Sun?

Feb 20-14

Ok….so today wasn’t an out of the ordinary day that’s for sure…

Mind you I did have a great laugh…..so great I nearly peed myself. My good friend Melinda ( also neighbor) and I ┬áhave been hashing out some shit together. I guess its Winterblues…..boredom…who knows…..haha.

We are admins for a Facebook site where you can buy and sell stuff locally. Stuff as in everyone’s crap.

Anyways……we have one more admin. And truly we should be ashamed of ourselves-but we’re not. This admin…..we call her the Nazi. Of course the site would be chaos without her…because I am not good at telling people what to do and neither am I organized enough…nor have the desire to sift through everyone’s crap photos to organize them into little neat folders. Melinda isn’t either I think and she has a full time job. So for fun….to stir up some shit ┬ámy cute little friend made an alias and posted a picture of assless chaps forsale! We laughed and I rolled on the floor laughing….literally. Nazi woman spotted that and deleted within 5 seconds and even sent a curt little professional note to Sam Melinol disciplining her. Thats not enough…..now we are debating about posting a picture of a dildo for sale. We just haven’t got enough courage to do that yet.

Maybe tomorrow?Image


My first try at this!

January 18, 2014

Been a hell of a day. My 15 year old son took our car for a joyride at 1:00 am. No licence.

Should have kicked his ass.Image

I think we need another vacation. Actually I wish I could give him a lobotomy…or lock him up for the next 2 years…well at least until he grows a brain. This boy is going to make me old very fast.